Cycle route "De Stijl" - Mondriaan meets Rietveld featuring ten sculptures by Boris Tellegen

In honour of the Mondrian to Dutch Design Year in 2017, the province of Utrecht launched a special project to tie in with the ideas of De Stijl. In a collaboration among various disciplines and five municipalities, the project brings together innovation and artistic creation to build an cycle route between the home towns of Rietveld (Utrecht) and Mondrian (Amersfoort), linked by ten unique sculptural works by artist Boris Tellegen. 

From Utrecht to Amersfoort
From Kleine Singel in Utrecht, the cycle route passes through De Bilt and Den Dolder, then runs alongside the train tracks through the Soester woods up to the new western ring road to make a straight shot to Amersfoort station (or the other way around), totalling approximately 20 km.

Cycle the route
Would you to cycle this special route from Amersfoort to Utrecht? You can use a physical route map with photos of the images and a short explanation per image. Check the route (online) or download the route (pdf). Or you can obtain the route map for free of charge in Dutch and English at the tourist information centers in Amersfoort and Utrecht, but also from the museums Mondriaanhuis and Centraal Museum.

The sculptures
Boris Tellegen's ten sculptures, measuring approximately 55 cm on each side and rising more than 6.5 metres in height, resemble square columns or pillars, thus evoking a classic architectural element that also has resonances with boundary posts, totem poles and foundation piles. All have the same silhouette, but each one was designed specifically for the site where it will be erected, whether in the city, the urban fringes or surrounded by nature. 

Visit the Cemtraal Museum and the Mondriaanhuis museum
As well as a quick link between Amersfoort and Utrecht, the cycle route is also conceived as a treasure hunt, along which cyclists can ‘collect’ the individual elements to assemble a meaningful whole. The sculptures are an enticement to cycle the whole route and thereby literally compass the entire composition. If you're hungry for more, follow the route to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht or the Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort to dive deeper into De Stijl and to the manifold dimensions of artistic creation in general.

Check the route

  • Photography header: Tom Janssen
  • Photography statues: Dirk Verwoerd
  • Movie: Anouk Wouters 

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